about us

Although we no longer provide ambulance transport service, we are extremely proud of the men and women who worked at Schaefer Ambulance Service over the past eight decades. They responded immediately and effectively to serve the needs of medical patients in Southern California.

A leader and innovator in Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for more than eight decades, Schaefer Ambulance pioneered and helped develop many medical transport services that we specialized in: basic life support; paramedic or advanced life support; critical care; neonatal; air transport; event standbys; and other specialized medical transports. Schaefer flew the first FAA certified air ambulance in the United States.

Schaefer Ambulance provided ground transports for hospitals, urgent care centers, convalescent homes, physicians, insurance companies, fire departments and private/public events.

Schaefer Ambulance strove to provide the best patient care possible with innovative technology, while maintaining excellent protocols with other EMS agencies.

our mission

Family-owned-and-operated industry leader, offering exceptional quality care, which communities and patients relied on and trusted.

The mission of Schaefer Ambulance Service is “To meet the needs of the clients and communities that we serve, in a professional and efficient manner. Ever mindful of our position as representatives of Schaefer Ambulance Service, Inc. and our responsibility to act as Public Relations Ambassadors for the Company.”

our history

Walter Schaefer was a pioneer and an innovator, he founded Schaefer Ambulance Service in 1932. Schaefer Ambulance was the first to provide Critical Care Transportationand launched the first FAA-certified Air Ambulance Service in the United States.

Los Angeles Headquarters

Air and Ground Ambulance Service


Mr. Schaefer took pride in being an industry leader in medical transportation and pre-hospital emergency care. He also believed in sharing his vision and knowledge with others. Mr. Schaefer was the founding president of both California Ambulance Association (1948) and the American Ambulance Association (1979). He mentored and guided many of the future ambulance service owners, which contributed to the growth of the industry nationwide.

Schaefer Ambulance Service, family-owned-and-operated since its founding, continued to build on the foundations of excellence and high standards set by Mr. Schaefer. Southern California areas serviced by Schaefer Ambulance include Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County and Imperial County.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a well-trained staff of emergency medical technicians (EMT), paramedics, respiratory therapists and critical care nurses, Schaefer Ambulance Service offered the best patient care possible at competitive prices.

Ready to go, in the 1950's

An ambulance crew in 1960's

1960's Schaefer Headquarters

SAS In the 70's

Ambulances and crews at the ready, in the 60's